2017 Conference: September 21st – 22nd. Golf Tournament September 20th. Agenda and Registration “coming soon”

The Washington Association for Food Protection is a non-profit association dedicated to provide our members with a forum to educate, and discuss the latest technologies and advancements toward the assurance of a safe, affordable food supply. Prior to September 2000 we were known as the Washington Milk, Food and Envionmental Association. In 1951, we became an affiliate of what is now known as the International Association for Food Protection. They were formed in 1911, and have been instrumental in the development and promotion of food safety worldwide.

Food Safety depends on the efforts of a large number of different disciplines working together. Our members are from federal, state and local government agencies, educators, industry professionals, equipment manufactures and allied suppliers.

We invite all food safety related professionals to join us in our efforts to protect our national food supply and promote “Food Safety through Education.”

“To provide food safety professionals worldwide with a forum to exchange information on protecting the food supply.”
— International Association for Food Protection

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