Food Bites

Food Recalls and Safety Alerts updated February 23, 2017

Recalled food products affecting Washington State are listed below by product name and date of recall. Recalls will be listed on this page for about a year. Learn more about food recalls.

WAFP Quarterly Newsletter Vol 1, Issue 2

Inside this issue: WAFFP Celebrates 65, 2016 WAFFP/Leudecke Scholarship Winnters, and more.

⇒ WAFFP Newsletter Vol 2, Issue 2

WAFP Quarterly Newsletter Vol 1, Issue 1

In this issue you will find information on the upcoming September 21st – 23rd annual conference. WAFP History, 2015 Conference highlights, 2015 Leudecke Scholarship Recipients.

WAFFP Newsletter Vol 1, Issue 1

Flour could be pathogen-free, but industry, FDA must act now

“The officials say everyone knows flour is a raw agricultural product and as such needs to be cooked to kill pathogens such as E. coli, which are generally expected to be present in raw foods.”